COVID-19 Daily Football Tips For Young Footballers

During these unprecedented times, it is important now, more than ever, to ensure that your training and your routines are well established. It is so easy to fall off of the wagon but we are here to help.

Here is our COVID-19 daily football tips for young footballers.

  1. Dynamic stretches every morning

  2. 15 minutes morning run / HIIT training

  3. 15 minutes of bodyweight training

  4. 15 minutes of ball mastery

  5. 15 minutes of game related drills

We believe if you stuck to this each day, you will help to keep your current physical and technical attributes in check. Lets delve deeper into these three five points

1. Dynamic stretches increases our flexibility, mobility and is an effective injury prevention method.

2. This use of cardiovascular training can either boost our aerobic or anaerobic fitness and especially as no matches are taking place, we are trying to minimise the damage lockdown will have for our match fitness

3. Bodyweight training will not only make you more physically stronger and toned, but prepare you much more for the physicality of football. Mastering your own body strength improves your mental strength as well as your physical strength.

4. Ball mastery is an underrated and underserviced element in football. This is a key skill in futsal but can be utilised and harnessed for footballers. Having complete control of the ball and the space around you, the ball and the pitch can help you to become a fierce opponent for any team you come up against. Many of the greatest footballers who have ever played the beautiful game, grew up playing futsal and fully mastering the ball. Don't believe me? Check out our blog post on futsal here

5. Game-related drills can help you stay sharp in match like scenarios, as much as possible anyway.

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